Sometime in the Fall of 2015, me and three of my friends (Keshav Srinivasan, Mikail Khona, Anuj Shetty) participated in a GameJam by Lenovo. We had to make a game from scratch in 72 hours. None of us had any experience in gaming whatsoever before this. (n00bs) I will partially describe the techincal details, while you enjoy the screenshots from the game below.

The theme given to us was Tower Defense, and we ended up making a Plants vs Zombies kind of setup, but with vampires and monsters, and warriors defending a castle. We used Unity Personal Edition to make this game, and used characters and sound effectsfrom free resources all over the internet, and used music from the Witcher 3. This kind of plagiarism is what happens when you don't have time to be artistic, yet want high poly characters in the game. We got a penalty for this and got an honorable mention prize. But the following are the key new concepts we learnt:

  • Collision boxes: I had known about them just by playing games, but the importance of specifying them properly based on utility and character sizes became relevant only after doing this project.
  • Animation State Diagrams: I had never imagined that the concepts on finite state diagrams that we learnt in our Digital Systems would be so elegantly useful here
  • Particle Effects: It was not obvious that their animation procedure will have to be so different than character animation. We've used this on our cannons fired from the castle.

Screenshot Time!


This is the loading screen. This is a map of our world, and three levels indicated by pointers. They aren’t very different maps, just the type of monsters is a bit different

Vampires are coming. You need to put fantasy warriors on the map ahead of them to stop them. On the top right, the first number you see is the coin you have, and it takes about 25 to spawn one. The second and third numbers are the wave number and score, separated by a colon.

Surprise! Yep, there is a dragon.

Dragon is the last enemy in the last wave. You kill it, you win. Simple game, simple life.

You can try out the game here. You need the Soraka Revenge's Data folder along with the .exe to run it. You should also watch the introduction videos in the link above.