This was a group assignment and the report represents joint efforts of
Keshav Srinivasan (140260001) and Kumar Ayush (140260016)

This report describes the hierarchical structure of the bicycle and contains some images from different viewpoints.

The hierarchical Structure

- Frame -
        - Back Wheel -
                     - Back Gear
        - Seat
        - Handle Rod - 
                     - Front Wheel
                     - Handle
        - Pedal Shaft -
                      - Pedals
                      - Front Gear
        - Gear Chain

Commands you should use while running the program

  • Use k for Side View Toggle
  • Use v for Top View Toggle
  • Use h and H for decreasing and increasing seat height respectively
  • Use left and right arrow keys to move front wheel
  • Use top and bottom arrow keys to move back wheel
  • Use PgUp and PgDown arrow keys to rotate handle
  • Use x and X to rotate pedals

Model Images

Fig 1. Cycle Front View

Fig 2. Isometric View