I'm an Engineering Physics junior at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

The vast variety of popular science material on astronomy inspired me since childhood. I wanted to be an 'astrophysicist' before I really understood what it means. I brushed serious strokes towards the subject when I was blessed with the opportunity to represent India twice at the International Astronomy Olympiads in 2012 and 2013, where I bagged silver medals.

And then I was a part of two research nurture camps which gave me a flavor of research in the big wide world. That strengthened my childhood resolve. My current interests include Computational and High Energy Astrophysics, though I am highly malleable towards exploring other areas

My largest hobby is coding, and I have taken a recent interest and emphasis in Machine Learning. I often try to use it as a strength in my education towards computational physics.

Learning violin has always been a dream, and I have recently taken this up as seriously. I am one year into my training now.

I love to cook, travel and socialize. My mood is usually a superposition of psychopath, mad hatter, party animal and curious being and may collapse into any of these when you meet me.

For more serious insights into my life and work, please take a look at my CV